Accounting Services and Business Consulting


Conference room space available for hourly/daily rental.

Private meetings should be in private spaces. Conference room seats 8; white board; and 50" TV.

Mr. Boffo used with permission.

Woodstock Co-working

Co-working space just west of the Woodstock Square hosted by Brent's Business Service - 224 W Judd Street, Suite 9. The space includes a conference room; private meeting office; cubicle space; and a social gathering room. Bulletin board and table to share business cards, promotional flyers, etc.

The space is casual and flexible. It is not designed for big parties but for serious workers looking for some social interaction.

Come for the day, reserve space for a month.


Woodstock Independent Article 08/23/2018

Article about the new space published in the 08/22-28/2018 of The Woodstock Independent

The Woodstock Independent (png)


Price List

Group rates for weekly/monthly meetings available. Rates subject to change.

Rules and expectations

Let's set some ground rules so we all know what to expect:

  1. Payment must be made upon entry
  2. All spaces are first come first served unless previously reserved
  3. Do not be disruptive to other workers
    - Music should be listened to with earbuds or headphones
  4. We ask that you do not disrespect the services and amenities provided
    - WiFi / internet is provided while working in the office
    - Copier/Printer is provided free of charge
  5. White boards will be cleaned on a nightly basis unless you have rented a space on a
    weekly/monthly basis
  6. Work area and common area should be kept clean
  7. Parking should be in the Municipal Lots on the South side of Judd Street or the lot on Throop